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  • Rochelle

    To my favorite radio station: I listen to you from Sioux Falls. Since the 7″ rain storm we had last week, your station has been full of static and a different station seems to be trying to come in ahead of you. I listen to you in my vehicle while driving. At first I thought it was my car but then I switched to driving my second vehicle and the audio quality was still poor. Even while traveling as close as Larchwood, IA the station was full of static and weak. Has something happened recently? If I have to beg you to stay with us and stay strong, I will (grin). I have no shame when it comes to the glory of being able to clearly bring in K101.1. Sincerely, Rochelle

    • bthalhuber

      Thanks Rochelle,

      We have been experiencing a lot of fog the last week, which causes FM Radio signals to bounce off the fog.
      This is why K-101 is full of static and you get skip from FM stations far away. Hopefully, once the humidity goes down, the signal will come in better. Thanks for listening to K-101.

      Bruce Thalhuber-Operations Manager

  • Jim

    Where to purchase rodeo tickets

  • Seth Van’t Hof

    Play some Cody Jinks!