Minnesota Seatbelt Enforcement Blitz

St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News)- Law enforcement agencies across Minnesota have kicked off a two-week seatbelt enforcement effort.  “Do you want your loved ones’ gratefulness and peace of mind? Adopt the easy habit of buckling up,” said Mike Hanson, director of Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). “It’s heartbreaking to see a crash where wearing a simple seat belt could have changed the outcome. Take two seconds and do the right thing.”

State officials say 87 people died and 1,244 were seriously injured after not being buckled during traffic crashes last year. The carnage is in spite of Minnesota reporting a 93% compliance rate with the seatbelt law and fatalities involving unbelted motorists dropping in 2022.

Officials say there have been 18 unbelted motorists who have died on Minnesota roads through May 14 of this year, which is down from 25 last year at this time, 35 in 2021 and 25 in 2020. 76% of fatalities involving unbuckled drivers occur outside of the Twin Cities Metro. 

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