Authorities confirm Madeline Kingsbury’s body found 2 months after disappearance, ex-partner arrested

WINONA, Minn. —  Authorities confirmed Thursday that the body of Madeline Kingsbury, a southern Minnesota woman who has been missing for two months, has been found.

She was found near a public road around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday “in some brush off Highway 43” near Mabel, a town about an hour south of Winona near the Iowa border. Investigators had scoured the area before, but had not found her because her body had been covered and concealed, according to Winona County Police Chief Tom Williams.

Kingsbury’s ex-partner Adam Fravel was taken into custody without incident hours after investigators found her remains. He was arrested by sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of second-degree murder and has yet to be formally charged.  “Unfortunately while this discovery is not what we were hoping for, we’re thankful to be able to bring Maddi home to her family,” Williams said. “The family never gave up. Law enforcement never gave up. The community never gave up.” It was one of the largest searches in Williams’ 36-year career, he added.

Over the course of the 69 days since her disappearance, authorities say they had received hundreds of tips from the public which were all thoroughly explored. An investigator was following up on an electronic tip when they found Kingsbury’s body in a wooded area off a gravel road. She was found a few minutes away from Fravel family property, authorities added.

Authorities did not comment on charges in the case, but Williams vowed to hold “anyone involved in Madeline’s disappearance accountable.”  Kingsbury went missing on March 31 after dropping off her children, ages 2 and 5, at their daycare. All of her belongings, including her phone and wallet, were found in her Winona home, and the van she drove was parked in the driveway.

On Monday, Fravel filed for custody of their children, who were first placed in the county’s care until a court moved to have them placed in “relative foster care” with their grandparents. Fravel’s request was denied.

Kingsbury’s 27th birthday was June 1. There will be a benefit on Saturday for Kingsbury’s two children.

courtesy of WCCO News