Fareway Finalizes Plans for Meat Market in Luverne

You can practically taste it already. The aroma of a freshly cut steak on a grill. The sizzle of a burger. The spices of a bratwurst. But where can you experience such flavors?

Fareway Stores, Inc. plans to renovate the old 2,300 square foot building formerly known as W-2’s Quality Meats here in Luverne. The renovations will begin immediately with a tentative opening to be expected in early Fall of 2022.

“We are excited to announce plans for our first Fareway Meat Market in Minnesota,” said Fareway CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “We would like to thank local city and economic developement officials for making this project possible, as we look forward to serving and becoming an integral part of the Luverne Community.”

Fareway is committed to providing only the best in fresh, highest quality meat, with full-service butcher counters. With main course options, a variety of sides, and so much more, it is a shopping destination that will provide for all summertime grilling and year-round meal needs.

“The City of Luverne and Economic Development Authority are very excited to be able to bring a Fareway Meat Market to Luverne,” said Mayor Pat Baustian. “We look forward to their success and their services to our community and southwest Minnesota.”

The new location is the first, stand-alone Meat Market in Minnesota and will provide for an unmatched experience.

“As part of the investment group that owns the building, we are excited and pleased with Fareway’s decision to come to Luverne and look forward to having them be a part of our business community,” said Michael Cox.

Fareway begins to public process this week, with more details forthcoming in the near future.