MnDOT to Offer $650,000 in Grants

It has been said that the vast Minnesota wilderness is one of many to explore, or to even try to visit every single lake. Those with an adventure bone can visit the many state parks available but sometimes the distance is long and time is short. With the new grants from MnDOT, exploring Minnesota can be as easy as going into your backyard!

Minnesota communities and schools can apply for up to $650,000 in grant opportunities through MnDOT’s Safe Routes to School program, (SRTS). These funds are to be used to develop new and safer places for students to walk and bicycle either to school or throughout their community.

Two types of grants are available, the Boost grant and planning assistance grants.

The Boost grant support existing work on previous SRTS plans. This will include money for repairs on previous routes and improvements on current or existing routes as well. Applications are due by Nov. 30th, 2022. Budgeting and completion of the project must be completed by June 2023.

Planning assistance grants are available to help stakeholders plan, provide and establish routes through the SRTS program. These funds will map out possible locations and then be used to start construction and complete paths to be enjoyed for the community. Applications are due by Jan 11th, 2023. Planning and construction will begin July 2023.

“Making it safer and easier for students to walk and bicycle can have major impacts on their health and overall well-being,” said Dave Cowen, MnDOT SRTS coordinator. “We know students do better in school when the build physical activities into their day.”

Since 2006, MnDOT has worked with more than 500 schools and communities to fund plans, create programs, and establish infrastructure improvements to build safe routes to school.

For more information on the SRTS program or to apply, visit the MnDOT website at