Police: Women groped by bike-riding boy in Rochester
Police were called to Douglas Trail after two separate reports were made of a boy on a bike touching women’s butts.
  • Two women reported a teenage boy of criminal sexual conduct on the Douglas Trail near Valley High Drive in Rochester after they were groped on Sunday.Rochester police responded to two reports the afternoon of Sunday, June 16, claiming that a boy on a bike touched the butts of two women in two separate incidents.The first woman reported she was beginning a bike ride when the boy asked if he could touch her. She said no and rode off. However, he followed her on his bike and grabbed her butt.
  • Another woman claimed after the initial report that while she was running, the same boy rode up behind her and slapped her butt twice.Officers searched the area but did not locate the suspect. At this time it is unknown if the suspect has been identified.

News Source: Bring Me the News