Seeds to grow weed available for sale starting Aug. 1, when recreational marijuana is legal in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota will become the 23rd state to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday.

One of the first parts of the law that will take effect: allowing Minnesotans to grow up to eight cannabis plants in their homes. And the seeds they’ll need to do it will be available on store shelves that same day.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will regulate weed seeds like they would any other by enforcing labeling and testing requirements under the state’s seed law.

“Our seed program is really about truth in labeling and consumer protection so that the consumer knows what they are getting,” said Michael Merriman, seed regulatory supervisor at the agency. “You read that label and you should know exactly what to expect from that label—how much seed is in this package, what kind is it? Is it lettuce, asparagus, cannabis?”

Businesses seeking to supply seeds to retail stores need to be permitted with the department and have specific information, including how much seed there is per package, the name of the company labeler, and a lot number, which traces the seeds’ origin.  The law requires testing for contaminants and germination, or how many seedlings the type will yield.