Traffic Signals to Receive Updates in Fairmont and New Ulm

And just like that the green light turns straight to red. Every. Single. Time. Although new changes in the traffic light cycle might help fix the problem.

Starting the week of May 23rd, motorists traveling on Highway 15 in Fairmont and Highways 14 and 15 in New Ulm will need to find a new route to their destinations. The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be testing and revising the timing of 15 traffic signals to reduce traffic delays but to also improve safety along these highways.

For example, when making a left turn at certain intersections, drivers may find that a green arrow appears at certain times rather than a yellow and vise versa. These cycles will be updated to best fit the traffic volumes recorded throughout the day.

“Motorists will need to pay closer attention at the signals, as the timing and sequences may not be what they are used to,” explains Scott Thompson, District Traffic Engineer.

When adjustments are finalized, motorists will enjoy many benefits such as reduced delays, stops, fuel usage, emissions, wear and tear on vehicles, and improved commute times. Nationally, updating traffic signal timing has been shown to reduce traffic delays by 15-40 percent, reduce travel times by up to 25 percent, and has a benefit to cost ratio on drivers and their vehicles that can exceed 50:1.

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